Average dissertation length

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The volume of pages of the dissertation is one of the main questions that the undergraduate is interested in first and foremost, which is understandable. Average dissertation length is a parameter that allows the author of the work to orient how many of them are allocated to a particular section, how much theoretical and practical material to use in the work.

On the Internet there are many options for the average dissertation length, and some of them do not correspond to reality at all, for example, the volume of dissertation cannot be 50-60 pages (such a number is typical for a thesis) or 150 pages (this is a PhD thesis) .

The optimal volume, defined in most manuals, is 80-120 A4 pages. Their number should not be less than 80 without a list of used sources and applications.

The amount of work may also depend on the requirements of the university, faculties, departments. The traditional distribution of “humanities” – “techies” finds a place even when determining the number of pages of master’s theses.

Humanitarians usually have to pass a more impressive Talmud, made up of 90-100 pages, techies carry work from 70-90 pages to protect. In both cases, the volume is indicated without applications and references. The number of pages of the list of sources is not precisely defined, but the sources themselves must be at least 70.

The first thing that the teacher looks at during the test is the integrity of the material. If the future candidate does not fit into 80 pages and his work turns out to be less, then he tries in every way to “stretch” the material, which immediately becomes noticeable. “Water” begins to appear in the text, indents increase, the volume of important material is reduced and more boring text prevails. Such work will not be interesting to read, and it certainly will be useless.

In some universities, average dissertation lengthis defined. For example, it can be from 50 to 120 pages. When there is such a division, it is much easier to write a work, because you will not think about meeting the 80 pages.

The basic rule to keep within the declared volume is to make a work plan. So you get a division of work into chapters. You can already initially assume how many pages there will be in each of the chapters. And when writing the first chapter, if the volume is exceeded, you will already know that you can compensate for this defect with other chapters.